Guides to Buying the Best Active Speaker in 2017

Choosing the best active speaker can make a difference in the quality of the sound. While it is true that buying an active speaker can be quite expensive, there are some benefits that you can get if you have decided to purchase an active speaker. When you are shopping for the best one, it requires some considerations. If you are not sure how to pick the right tone, read our tips below.

Active Speakers Vs Passive Speakers

There are some reasons why active speakers are more expensive than passive speakers. If you have some extra money and you are still not sure whether you want to use an active speaker or a passive speaker, knowing some differences can help you. The first difference is that an active speaker can support external amplifier and cross over components. In terms of energy efficiency, active speakers have higher energy efficiency, meaning that it doesn’t have the tendency to dissipate heat. Another benefit of using an active speaker is that it is relatively easy to set up. Due to these reasons, active speakers are suitable for both novice and experts.

How to Choose the Best Active Speaker

The following are some important considerations that you must know if you want to find the best active speaker in 2017.

Check the System of the Speaker: Make sure that you know the specifications of the speaker. Check whether the speaker uses 3-way system or 2-way system. The 3-way system has the wider scope than the 2-way system.

Check the Brand: Choosing active speakers which are made from trusted brands can give you some benefits. For example, you can ensure that the product is durable and offers the best quality.

Check the Function: If you want to use an active speaker in the living room, you may want to choose one that comes with a large size. The same situation can also be applied if you want to use the speaker in a small room. An active speaker which has a small size is more than enough when placed in the small room.

Consider the Design: Since the price is quite expensive, make sure that you get the best active speaker. The best speaker also comes with an attractive design. Take some time and choose the design that you like the most.

Check the Features: Some active speakers come with advanced features which make them more expensive than other standard active speakers. However, there are some standard features which should be available from an active speaker. Some common features include tone control, bass enhancer, and the LED display.

The Best Active Speaker in 2017 – Our Top Picks

Behringer EUROLIVE B205D

Behringer EUROLIVE B205D

Behringer EUROLIVE B205D

Our first choice goes to Behringer EUROLIVE B205D. This is one of the best models which can be found on the market when you are shopping for the best active speaker. The size is small, but it does a great job when delivering the best sound quality. Thanks to its compact design, this active speaker is easy to carry around, meaning that you can use it in different rooms easily. It comes with some features such as incredible sonic performance, class-D amplifier technology, active speaker for keyboard monitoring, home recording studio, and enormous power.


  1. It is lightweight
  2. Lots of features
  3. It is very loud


  1. Some users have an issue with the mount for a Mic stand

Alto Professional TS Sub12

Our second choice is Alto Professional TS Sub12. This is a small active speaker which comes with the extended low-frequency, delivering the best sound quality that can fit your needs. Some features include 2.5” voice coil, double ventilation, polarity controls, integrated low-pass/hi-pass filter, ground lift switch, and clip limited which comes with the red Led. Despite its small size, Alto Professional TS Sub12 can deliver the best sound quality.


  1. It comes with a nice black textured paint finish
  2. Sturdy steel handles
  3. Attractive front grille
  4. It is quite easy to more around

Samson Expedition XP112A

Samson Expedition XP112A is another great active speaker for those wanting more than just a standard active speaker. This active speaker is ideal for bands, vocal presentations, and DJs. In other words, this model is definitely the best choice that serious performers can consider when shopping for a new active speaker.


  1. It is lightweight
  2. High-quality sound

Alto TX12 600-Watt

Alto TX12 600-Watt is another small active speaker which can deliver the same power that a bigger active speaker can offer. Made by Alto, one of the best brands for producing high quality speakers, there is no denying that Alto TX12 600-Watt has everything that you need from a high quality active speaker. It comes with the efficient Bi-amped class D amplification which can deliver the maximum performance through its generous 600 watts of peak power. It also comes with some cool features such as a comfortable handle and a pole-mount socket.


  1. It is lightweight and portable
  2. It is offered at an affordable price


  1. It is quite basic for an active speaker

Turbosound iQ12 Active Speaker

Our last model is Turbosound iQ12 Active Speaker. This is a powerful active speaker which comes equipped with some advanced technologies. Some features include dual angle pole mount which can deliver accurate audience coverage, multiple internal rigging applications, fully features user interface which comes with the LCD display and 12” low-frequency driver. If you need an active speaker that can deliver high-quality sound and one that is suitable for bigger events, consider choosing Turbosound iQ12 Active Speaker.


These are some best active speakers which have been tested. Using our list above, we hope that you can find your favorite model. Whether you are on the budget or you have some extra money, you can see our choices above and pick one that fits your needs. The key is to find the best active speaker that comes with features or technologies that you really need.

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